Our oceans are extremely affected by the consequences of our human activities and climatic changes. However biodiversity and ecological ocean balance are crucial for the future of humanity. Exploring and understanding these still unknown environments is a priority to try to identify the solutions, which will reduce our activities impact.

New idea

Under The Pole is a 2 years submarine polar expedition aiming at exploring the hidden face of Arctic areas through their diversities. It’s a new submarine approach to take unique in the world pictures and bring a better scientific knowledge of this unfamiliar world.


A 400 dives program is organized in order to study together with the best scientific specialists the interactions between atmosphere, ocean and icecap, polar biodiversity and human physiology under extreme conditions. A Remote Operated Submarine (ROV) is specially developed by the expedition team to meet at best the demands of the scientists.


This expedition is meant to help crucial scientific programs for understanding of polar biodiversity. Using unique scientific and audiovisual tools will make the general public more aware of these issues.




Project Leader

Ghislain Bardout

Project Leader

Emmanuelle Périé

Scientific Officer

Romain Pete


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